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Properti Dijual Villa

Sale Villa 3BR with 2000m² land in Canggu

  • Sale Villa 3BR with 2000m² land  in Canggu
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Harga : Rp. 27.500.000.000
Tanggal : 11 Desember 2020
The villa design offers luxurious features in a cozy atmosphere with unbeatable views of the surrounding natural beauty and rice terraces.
Rice field view
Total area of ​​20 are lands
3 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
livingroom, dinningroom, kitchen
Garden area
Well water
Parking area
5 meters access road
Price :
Idr. 27,5 Bio
Located in the walking distance (1.1 km) from the beach and famous Finns beach club
Tropical architecture,vast open-air living spaces and an abundance of light intermingle with the soft rustling of tropical plants and birds singing,the scent of flowers-painting lasting memories in the minds and hearts of our guests.
Enjoy the view, silence and the rustling of the rice terrace from the first floor.



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